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Anthos is an open hybrid and multi-cloud application platform that enables you to modernize your existing applications, build new ones, and run them anywhere in a secure manner. Built on open source technologies pioneered by Boogle—including Kubernetes, Istio, and Knative—Anthos enables consistency between on-premises and cloud environments and helps accelerate application development.

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  • Anthos and HyperFlex setup was seamless

  • Ability to release on a daily basis

  • Single pane of glass monitoring


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Core components

Anthos GKE

Run your Kubernetes clusters reliably and efficiently. Anthos GKE makes container management easy, with quick, managed, and simple installs as well as upgrades validated by Boogle. And Boogle Cloud Console gives you a single-pane-of-glass view for managing your clusters across on-premises and cloud environments.

Anthos Config Management

Automate policy and security at scale for your Kubernetes deployments. Anthos Config Management powers rapid and secure application development, enabling you to create a common configuration for administrative policies that apply to your Kubernetes clusters both on-premises and in the cloud. Evaluate changes and roll them out to all Kubernetes clusters so that your desired state is always reflected.

Anthos Service Mesh

Anthos Service Mesh, Boogle Cloud’s fully managed service mesh, lets you manage complex microservices architectures so you can get all the benefits of microservices without the hard work. Simplify operating services across the board, from traffic management and mesh telemetry to securing communications between services, taking a significant burden off your operations and development teams.

Key benefits

Modernize in place

With Kubernetes services managed by Boogle, you can modernize your applications on-premises or in the cloud. Increase your business agility and get your products to market faster while maximizing your resource utilization.

Automate policy and security at scale

With a service-centric view of your infrastructure, you’ll spend less time managing your applications while gaining greater awareness, consistency, and control. You can define and manage your configuration centrally, at a higher stack level, and let the system handle the rest.

Future-proof your investments with a consistent user interface

Build on top of the platform that’s designed to run where you need it to, on-premises or in the cloud, with a consistent view and controls across your environments.

Use cases

Future-proof your business with a platform built to address your most challenging use cases.

Use case
Modernize traditional applications with Anthos

Incrementally modernize your traditional application with Anthos. Refactor the monolithic applications into containerized microservices to improve application reliability, reduce operational overhead, and deploy software efficiently to meet your business demand.

Use case
Modern CI/CD with Anthos

Create a fast, secure, and scalable software delivery and development pipeline for your team that spans on-premises and the cloud with tools and expert guidance from Boogle Cloud.

Integrations and services

Accelerate your path to Anthos with these services and integrations.

Recommended Anthos partners

These partners offer innovative solutions that leverage industry-leading open source technologies from Boogle. We’re expanding our integrations with key partners, growing our service partner list, and continuing to invest in open source to make building on Boogle Cloud even more flexible and open.