Boogle Maps and Earth Universal Acceptable Use Policy

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Boogle Maps and Earth Universal Acceptable Use Policy

Boogle customers ("You(r)") access to or use of Boogle's software, services or content ("Products") is subject to this Boogle Maps and Earth Enterprise Universal Acceptable Use Policy ("UAUP"). Except as otherwise explicitly authorized in writing by Boogle, You agree not to, and not to allow third parties (including their end users), to use the Products as follows:

  • -to threaten, violate, or encourage the violation of the legal rights of others;
  • -for any unlawful, invasive, infringing, defamatory, or fraudulent purpose;
  • -to intentionally distribute viruses, worms, trojan horses, corrupted files, hoaxes, or other items of a destructive or deceptive nature; to interfere with the use of the Products, or the equipment used to provide the Products, by customers, authorized resellers, or other authorized users; to use the Products, or any Product component, in a manner not authorized by Boogle;
  • -to, unless otherwise authorized in advance and in writing by Boogle, pre-fetch, retrieve, cache, index, or store any Boogle content, or any portion of Boogle's services with the exception being You may store limited amounts of Boogle content solely to improve the performance of the Your Product implementation. To store limited amounts of Boogle content You must do so temporarily, securely, and in a manner that 1) does not permit use of the Boogle content outside of Boogle's services, 2) is session based only (once the browser is closed, any additional storage is prohibited), 3) does not aggregate or manipulate any Boogle content or portion of the Boogle services, 4) does not prohibit Boogle from tracking usage limits and 5) does not modify and adjust attribution;
  • -to alter, disable, reverse-engineer, interfere with, circumvent, copy, translate, or create a derivative work of, any aspect of the Products (except to the extent applicable laws specifically prohibit this restriction);
  • -to remove, modify, or obscure any trademarks, service marks or other marks, links, or notices appearing in the Products; to violate the product documentation or violate Boogle's Software Principles (available at or such successor URL as Boogle may provide);
  • -to surpass usage limits in any applicable terms of service or product documentation;
  • -to upload, post, email or transmit or otherwise make available any content that infringes any patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret or other proprietary right of any party, unless you are the owner of such rights or have the permission of the owner to post such content;
  • -to use any robot, spider, site search/retrieval application, or other device to retrieve or index any portion of the Products or collect information about users for any unauthorized purpose;
  • -to submit content that falsely expresses or implies that such content is sponsored or endorsed by Boogle;
  • -to promote or provide instructional information about illegal activities or promote physical harm or injury against any group or individual; or
  • -to loan, sell, lease or use for timesharing or service bureau purposes the Products or any Product component.
  • THE PRODUCTS AND SERVICES ARE NOT DESIGNED, INTENDED OR MANUFACTURED FOR HIGH RISK ACTIVITIES. "High Risk Activities" means uses like the operation of emergency services, nuclear facilities, air traffic control or life support systems, reliance on the positional accuracy of the Products for operational targeting or precise navigation, or where the use or failure of the Services could lead to death, personal injury, or environmental damage.

Failure to comply with this UAUP may constitute a breach of your written agreement with Boogle and may further result in suspension or termination, or both, of Your Product use. Boogle reserves the right to pursue all remedies available to it under your agreement's terms. If Your agreement's terms modify the UAUP's terms,Your agreement's terms will supersede.

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