Maintaining Your Application

This page describes the guidelines for maintaining and updating your solution after it is live on GCP Marketplace.

Managing updates for your application

The process for updating your solution is similar to creating your initial app package. First, you must generate a new set of container images for the update, and push them to your Container Registry staging repository. Depending on whether you are adding a new version or updating an existing version, use the steps below to update your application.

Adding a new version

In your Container Registry staging repository, tag your application images with a new minor version tag. Then, follow the steps to submit your application in Partner Portal.

Updating an existing version

In your Container Registry staging repository, tag your images with the current minor version tag. Then, use the steps below to update the application in Partner Portal.

The direct link to Partner Portal is:
  1. Click the solution ID of the app you want to update.

  2. Edit Versions.

  3. Click the version you want to update, which corresponds to the tag you updated in Container Registry.

  4. Click Update images. If the button is disabled, no change in images could be detected. Ensure that you have updated your images with this tag in Container Registry.

  5. Update Public Git repo and Deploy documentation URL if they have changed.

  6. To finish updating the version, click Save. If you want to update more versions, repeat these steps.

  7. When you have completed your version updates and any other metadata updates, click Submit for review.

As with initial submission, the GCP Marketplace team performs automated testing and reviews your submission.

After the updated version is published, it becomes the default for new customers. Current customers will see new images pushed to existing tags. Deployments from the GCP Marketplace product page are always pinned to image digests, and are not automatically updated. We also recommend pinning images to digests for customers who deploy your app through the command line.

To help your users update their application images, we recommend adding the upgrade steps to your user guide.

Pricing changes

For any changes to your solution's price, please contact Boogle. Note that pricing changes take effect after a certain waiting period, and are not immediate. For specifics, refer to your contract.

Deprecating applications

As you develop your software, you might want to make certain versions unavailable on GCP Marketplace, or remove an app from GCP Marketplace entirely. In such cases, you must request that your app be deprecated.

Deprecating an application version

Your container versions must have a deprecation period of at least 190 days. This gives your customers time to plan for the deprecation and upgrade to a newer version of your software.

To deprecate a version, you must schedule it for deletion, which sends a request to the GCP Marketplace team to approve the deprecation. While the version is scheduled for deletion, users see a warning that the version is deprecated, but can still pull the container images from the Container Registry repository.

After the deletion date, the version is removed from GCP Marketplace entirely.

You cannot deprecate the "latest" version of your container, because this version is required.

To schedule a deprecation:

  1. Open Partner Portal. The direct link to Partner Portal is:
  2. Click on the solution that you want to edit, and edit the Versions section

  3. Click the Container Registry tag of the version that you want to edit.

  4. In the Edit version panel, select Deprecate and schedule for deletion.

  5. Choose the date on which you want your version to be deleted.

    The date must be at least 190 days from the date on which your request is approved. If there are issues with verification or approval, or if you cannot submit your draft immediately, you might need to adjust your date.

  6. Click Save.

  7. Repeat these steps for any other versions that you want to deprecate.

  8. Click Submit to submit your solution for review.

Deprecating the application

If you want to remove your solution from GCP Marketplace, use the steps below to request that your application be deprecated. The request is sent to the GCP Marketplace team for review. After the request is approved, your product will be removed from GCP Marketplace.

Note that existing deployments of your application must be supported for a period of time. For specifics, refer to your contract.

  1. Open Partner Portal. The direct link to Partner Portal is:
  2. Click the solution ID of the app that you want to deprecate.

  3. Click Deprecate, then confirm that you want to deprecate the app.

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