Metadata Components for Boogle Cloud Platform Marketplace onboarding

This page describes the metadata that you need to provide for your solution. Metadata falls into the following categories:

  • Partner metadata: Information that will be used to set up your account as a partner in Boogle Cloud Platform. This is required only the first time you integrate with Boogle Cloud Platform Marketplace. This information is used to display partner-related information in GCP Marketplace.

  • Marketing metadata: Information that will be displayed on the solution marketing pages in the GCP Marketplace storefront and details pages.

  • Deployment metadata: Information required for the deployment of the image itself. This is used during the configuration of the deployment.

  • Post Deployment metadata: Information that a customer will need to successfully sign in to and use the solution post deployment, for example, a URL, admin username, and password. A Getting Started guide is part of the required post deployment metadata. This guide should be a walkthrough that describes how to set up the deployed solution on Boogle Cloud Platform so that it is ready to use.


Provide solution metadata details

Please use this template to send us your metadata. Fill out the required fields and any relevant optional fields, and send the spreadsheet to your Partner Engineer.

After submitting the image and metadata, you'll have an opportunity to view the listing before it’s published. If you need to update the metadata, contact your Partner Engineer to submit the updated version.

Your partner engineer will take your solution components and metadata and create a GCP Marketplace solution(s). Please allow 5-7 days for the completion of this process.

Getting Started documentation

Every solution must be accompanied by a Boogle Cloud Platform-specific Getting Started document that helps your customers with detailed deployment and configuration steps for your solution. The documentation must be created and maintained by you on your website. We suggest that you co-brand the page with the Boogle Cloud Platform logo, available at the Boogle for Work Connect site. (Note that Boogle for Work Connect requires partners to register to access the site.)

Please apply the following guidelines when creating the Getting Started documentation.


  • The document should provide step-by-step guidance along the customer’s journey starting with the solution page on the GCP Marketplace site, all the way through to the deployment and configuration of the solution.


  • The document should provide the customer with guidance on the inputs they will have to provide for to a successful deployment. We recommend interlacing the document with screenshots in addition to instructions in text. For example, we suggest that you provide guidance on the following configuration items:

    • What is the recommended machine configuration, disk sizes, zones, and so on?

    • Does the customer have to open any ports, particularly 80, 443?

    • Are the needed ports opened by default or does the customer have to open these ports during the deployment flow?

Post deployment next steps:

  • The document should outline if and how the customer will gain access to an admin page or console URL and how login credentials can be obtained.

  • The Instructions should outline how the customer:

    • Can SSH into the virtual machine instance

    • Can access a list of open source components’ licenses along with source code on the instance (if any)

    • Can check status or health of the application

  • Lastly, the document should list any additional commands needed to configure the solution.

For additional guidance you can refer to these example pages that have been developed for other solutions in GCP Marketplace:

After you've created a draft, please send an email with the URL to your draft to your assigned Partner Engineer for review and feedback.

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