Configure Your Boogle Cloud Platform Marketplace Test Drive Listing

There are two ways your Test Drive can be published on marketplace:

  • As a button added to the existing listing
  • As a Test Drive only listing

Modifying an existing listing

If you already have a GCP Marketplace listing for your product you can add a Test Drive to your existing project.

To add the test drive:

  1. Sign in to the GCP console of the public project you created during your GCP Marketplace onboarding. Go to GCP Marketplace, Partner Portal, Solutions and then click the solution you want to modify.
  2. Edit the Test Drive section and add the URL for your Test Drive.
  3. Save and then submit the modified solution for review.

Adding a new Test Drive only listing

To publish a new Test Drive listing, your Test Drive project has to be Partner Portal enabled. Contact to start the process.

When you receive a confirmation that Partner Portal is enabled in your project, sign in to the GCP console and complete the following tasks.

  1. Navigate to GCP Marketplace, Partner Portal.
  2. Go to Partner settings and update your company name, description, and company webpage there. This information will be publicly visible in your listing.
  3. Next, click Solutions and add your Test Drive solution.
  4. For a Test Drive only listing, you need to choose Managed Service in the pop-up and then click Create.
  5. Now edit each section of the Marketplace listing draft.
  6. Remember to mark the Solution as Test Drive only in the Test Drive section.

Next step

Congratulations, you've completed the setup of your test drive!

After filling out all sections you can preview the listing and then Submit it for review & publishing. Usually a listing is published within 24 hours, but it can take up to 48 hours, so set your launch date accordingly.

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