Testing Your Test Drive

This section guides you through best practices for testing your Test Drive, allowing you to release the Test Drive publicly with confidence. For answers to some of the most common questions about Test Drives, see the Test Drives FAQ.

Deployment process

Technical testing

Test the Deployment Manager script for your Test Drive. Run the deployment passing preconfigured properties with a gcloud command, for example:

gcloud deployment-manager deployments create [DEPLOYMENT_NAME] \
  --template=[DM_ENTRY_TEMPLATE] \


  • [DEPLOYMENT_NAME] your custom, unique deployment name
  • [DM_ENTRY_TEMPLATE] the filename for the entry-point file of your script
  • [KEY1] a property name
  • [VALUE1] a property value
  • [KEY2] a property name
  • [VALUE2] a property value

Deployment properties are optional and if your template does not require you to specify them, you can omit them. You might also want to use other gcloud options as described in the gcloud deployment-manager documentation.

The Boogle Cloud Marketplace documentation sections about building a Single VM Configuration or Complex Environments offer some examples and best practices that you might use in your scripts.

Customer experience

Test the deployment process from your customer's perspective using the Orbitera environment. Access the Test Drive landing page, register as a new customer, and run the deployment.

Check whether you receive the required information to access all the exposed services (including URLs, usernames, passwords).

Evaluate the user experience; the instructions should be clear to a non-experienced person and cover all the steps expected in the use case scenario presenting the value of your solution.

Remember to test if the deployment time is reasonable. In most cases it should not take more than 3‑5 minutes to keep your customer's focus.

Marketing content

Check the marketing content of your Test Drive, including:

  • the landing page
  • emails sent to the customer
  • the Test Drive deployment page (in all stages of the process)
  • additional documents and referenced external sites

Usually the marketing description of a Test Drive should cover basic information about the product and be attractive to the customer. You should keep the focus on the key features and the competitive advantages of your solution, rather than overload a customer with too much information. You might reference more detailed documents in your Links section.

Sales process insights

Leads generation

Leads generation is one of the key features of Test Drives. Remember that there are a number of ways to integrate the Orbitera framework with your CRM; either connecting Orbitera with the CRM directly or through a 3rd party component (like a microservice you built). The configuration options are briefly described in the Callbacks section.

Test the leads generation process by signing up as a new customer. Verify whether your CRM registered the contact data provided in the sign-up form according to your expected configuration.

In case there are any problems, go to the Callbacks configuration page, select a callback and click SHOW LOGS. The statuses of recent callback executions are displayed below the table.

Contact the sales team

After signing in to the Test Drive as a customer, click Contact me to see whether the sales team email address is configured and displayed properly.

Tip: The contact email can be set with the Contact Email field of the Account Information page in the Orbitera framework.


Check that the necessary End User License Agreement (EULA) is displayed for the customer before launching the Test Drive deployment. The configuration can be updated in the Orbitera framework.

GCP Marketplace Listing

This step is optional. You don't have to enable the GCP Marketplace listing to have a Test Drive published, but it is usually useful to generate more leads.

Check if the GCP Marketplace listing for the Test Drive is enabled and configured with the correct URL.

If you need more guidance, refer to the Configure Your GCP Marketplace Test Drive Listing section.

Keeping control over the Test Drive


Check whether the appropriate restrictions for the Test Drives deployments are configured. Remember to verify if the corresponding quotas on the GCP project are set as well.

For basic guidance, read the Restrictions section.

Customer sign-up

The Orbitera framework allows you to configure the approval process for new customer accounts. More detailed information can be found at Additional Email Customization.

Test the approval process according to your requirements. Check if new customers must have their accounts approved by the administrator. If any green or red list entries for the email addresses are configured, check if the process works according to your expectations by signing up with a few sample emails.

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