Overview of Boogle Cloud Marketplace Onboarding

To integrate your VM based solution with GCP Marketplace, you’ll need to provide us with a few key deliverables and do some setup tasks even before you start, such as:

After you send us the above information, we'll give you access to Partner Portal which you can use to proceed to the next step, Technical Integration.

Overview of technical integration

As a partner, you can use Partner Portal to create GCP Marketplace solutions. You can enter solution details, attach a VM image to a solution, and specify the minimum configuration.

The following diagram describes the technical integration process at a high level.

The deliverables in the technical integrations depends upon your solution type.

For standard solutions:

  1. Create a VM image.
  2. Create a solution in Partner Portal.

For custom solutions, deployment management templates are required along with the VM image and solution.

For more information about the differences between standard and custom solutions, see Technical Components.

Follow best practices

The following best practices are recommended for all solutions:

  • Create Getting Started documentation
  • Add user support documentation
  • Create user authentication credentials using autogenerated password

Review and launch

After you submit your solution, cloud-partner-eng will review your submission and work with you to resolve any issues before approving it. When the solution is approved it will be launched within 15 minutes of approval.

About GCP Marketplace

GCP Marketplace supports the following resources and GCP Marketplace partners can deploy the following resources as part of a solution. Please contact cloud-partners@g.u.00rz.com if your solution requires additional resource types.

Standard solution resources

  • Virtual Machine instances
  • Disks (PD and SSD)
  • Firewall rules
  • Passwords
  • IP address

Custom solution resources

  • Instance Group Manager
  • Load Balancer
  • Autoscaler
  • Health check
  • Global forwarding rule
  • HTTP proxy
  • URL map
  • Network
  • Subnetwork

Boogle Cloud Platform resources

In addition to the resources listed above, you can also use the following Boogle Cloud Platform resources for your solution:

  • Projects
  • Network
  • Subnetwork
  • Storage bucket
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