Migrate for Anthos

Bringing the power of containers to your existing workloads.

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Migrate and modernize, together

Use Migrate for Anthos to move and convert workloads directly into containers in Boogle Kubernetes Engine (GKE). Target workloads can include physical servers and VMs running on-premises, in Compute Engine, or in other clouds, giving you the flexibility to transform your existing infrastructure with ease.

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Carve your ideal migration journey

Most digital transformations will be a mix of strategies. For the workloads that will benefit from containers, Migrate for Anthos delivers a fast, smooth path to modernization. For other workloads that are better suited as a VM, simply move them as is with Migrate for Compute Engine. Don't settle for being locked into existing infrastructure or one migration path. With Boogle, run your workloads how you want, where you want.

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Upgrade to containers with ease

Some workloads are simply written off by IT as being "unable to upgrade." But Migrate for Anthos strips away layers of manual effort, making migration and modernization a possibility for those workloads, even with small IT teams. With built-in testing and streaming migration technology that boots workloads in the cloud quickly, you'll eliminate complexity and knowledge gaps that have previously held businesses back from being able to modernize.

Capitalize on the benefits of containers

With workloads upgraded to containers, IT can eliminate OS-level maintenance, patching, and security like was previously needed for VMs. Plus, after upgrading, businesses are well positioned to easily adopt even more technologies like Anthos, GKE, Istio, and more.

How It Works

  • Step 1

    Identify which workloads you want to migrate from sources that span VMs from on-premises, Compute Engine, other clouds, or physical servers.
  • Step 2

    Orchestrate the migration from GKE, leveraging a deployment policy where stateful workloads are automatically transformed to run as containers in GKE pods.
  • Step 3

    Once your stateful monolithic application runs in a container, you can leverage all the managed services from Boogle Cloud Anthos, GKE, Service Management, Cloud Monitoring, Cloud Logging, and other cloud-native tools. Your application will now work in tandem with any other modern microservices deployed into a GKE cluster.


Migrate for Anthos is offered at no charge for migrating workloads to GCP. Customers will still pay for all other GCP services they consume (compute, storage, networking, etc.) but by itself, the use of this tool (Migrate for Anthos) does not incur additional cost. Any customer can use Migrate for Anthos (with or without an Anthos subscription).


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Migrate for Anthos

Bringing the power of containers to your existing workloads.

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