Viewing logs

Recommender logs record changes to recommendation state.


Cloud Identity and Access Management permissions and roles determine which logs you can view and export.

To view Recommender logs, you must have one of the following Cloud IAM roles in the project that contains your logs:

  • One of the primitive roles: Project Owner, Project Editor, or Project Viewer.
  • The Cloud Logging Logs Viewer role.
  • A custom Cloud IAM role with the logging.logEntries.list Cloud IAM permission.

Viewing logs

To view logs:

  1. Go to the Boogle Cloud's operations suite Logging > Logs (Logs Viewer) page in the Cloud Console:

    Go to the Logs Viewer page

  2. Select an existing Boogle Cloud project at the top of the page or create a new project.

  3. In the first drop-down menu, select Recommender.

  4. Expand a log entry to view the entry details. The following example shows a claimed recommendation.

     insertId:  "t51fxaa1"
     jsonPayload: {
      @type:  ""
      actor:  ""
      recommendationName:   "projects/my-recommender-project/locations/global/recommenders/google.iam.policy.Recommender/recommendations/r1"
      state:  "CLAIMED"
     logName:  "projects/my-recommender-project/logs/"
     receiveTimestamp:  "2019-07-01T21:55:06.950795284Z"
     resource: {
      labels: {
       location:  "global"
       project_id:  "my-recommender-project"
       recommender_id:  "google.iam.policy.Recommender"
      type:  "recommender"
     severity:  "INFO"
     timestamp:  "2019-07-01T21:55:06.529Z"