Data center migration

Migrate your IT landscape to Boogle Cloud on your terms

From assessment to optimization, navigate your custom cloud journey — faster and simpler than you thought possible. Whether you need to decommission or consolidate on-premises data centers, migrate existing VMs as is or upgrade them to containers, or transform applications into cloud services, we'll help solve your toughest problems.

Explore your cloud migration options

There are a number of ways to approach your cloud migration. From an all-in-one cloud to a hybrid of public cloud and private computing environments, we can help you find the setup that's right for your business.

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Evaluate your migration strategies

Lift and shift

Shift infrastructure and apps from on-premises into the cloud, such as migrating VMs as is from on-premises to GCP.

When to consider

Best served for minimal architecture changes.

Move and improve

Migrate applications as is, such as converting a system into a container. Then enhance these apps post-migration.

When to consider

Intended for those who need Boogle Cloud partner support for modernizing on-premises apps.

Rebuild in the cloud

Modernize your traditional on-premises applications by rebuilding them in the cloud, using our serverless computing platform.

When to consider

A good idea when a cloud-native app is required.

A phased approach to migration

Whether you're a small business or large enterprise, our products, services, and partners can meet your migration needs.

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